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Gizmo is not only our Friend, but part of the Family. He was left without a Mom and was adopted by her Daughter. Gizmo is 7 years old , He has been our inspiration. Grooming will add years and health to ours Pets and Gizmo is that perfect example.

Regular Bathing, grooming, Nails clipping , Ears Cleaned will save us many trips  to the VET.  office and money

Top of the line Shampoos and Conditioners will provide a healthy shiny coat.

What about Fleas and Ticks which can cause many skin conditions and Allergies ?

We provide excellent Flea and Tick Treatments.
We Provide Dry skin and Itching Treatments.
Our Knowledge of what works and Top of the line Products will be recommended.

Please feel free to contact us with your concerns or questions at: