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I am Richard The Proud Owner ,We have enjoyed an Excellent Reputation in the past.
Gizmo's Is Dedicated to Grooming All Breeds of All ages. Our Certified Groomer has a Passion for Pets. We offer Excellent Service to our customers, which are also our friends. Gizmo is our Business Mascot and he represents our commitment to our community. We are solely dedicated to every aspect of Grooming. We offer just about every service your pets needs to keep them healthy and happy.
We have been in this Vocation for 7 Years. We only have the best, Certified Professional Groomers. Graduating From Florida Institute Of Animal Arts. Completing and Graduating with Honors. We keep up with the latest trends. Teaching our clients the importance of Grooming there Pets.
We Welcome Questions ,Ideas, Emergencies you may have. We too have our Pet and understand Your Pets needs.

We Welcome you to call or Visit our facilities

Gizmos Grooming Salon
135 Garden Ave
Groveland, Florida 34736